Local Church Driven Missions

Local Church Driven Missions

What makes MSC Canada different from all the other missions organizations out there?
What sets us apart? What makes us unique? What’s the model we put into action to see our vision statement brought to life?

It’s pretty simple actually. In fact, we’ve summarized it in four words:

Local Church Driven Missions.

1. LOCAL – We’re not talking about some vague, general, nowhere, unspecific church. We’re talking about the church that meets down the block, the church you’re a part of in your town. We’re talking about the people you pray, learn, worship and do life with. The local church.

2. CHURCH – We’re talking about the “followers of Jesus Christ gathered together” church. Gathered to worship him, depend on him, hear from him, and make him famous. People who love learning the Bible and applying it to their lives. People who love seeing Jesus adored. People who can’t contain the Gospel message. People God has saved and is changing. The body he sustains, the house he’s building, the bride he loves – the church.

3. DRIVEN – We’re talking about the followers of Jesus being obedient to his command to make disciples everywhere by getting their seatbelts on and going full speed ahead. We’re talking about local churches, compelled by the cross, passionately driven toward a fulfilled Great Commission by sending out their own to the ends of the earth.

4. MISSIONS – We’re talking about THE mission. The ultimate mission. That Matthew 28:18-20 mission – Go, Make Disciples Everywhere, Baptize, Teach. We’re talking about what God saved us to do. What we were made for. What the church exists for and is itself built up by. One Mission carried out through uncountable missions.