What does MSC stand for?

Since 1993, our full and legal name has been MSC Canada.

One of the challenges of having a name that used to be an acronym for something is that we’re often asked what MSC stands for. Generally speaking, we believe that after 75 years, the name MSC can stand on it’s own just like well-known brands such as IBM, 3M, A&W, or DHL. 

However, if we had to give some meaning to our initials today, we’d say we are Mission + Service Connections. Think of it as our “tag line.”

The C is for Connections because so much of what we do is tied up in connecting…
…connecting funds to workers.
…connecting workers and their sending churches to mission.
…connecting prayer items to faithful prayer warriors.
…connecting vital services to local churches and their mission workers.
…connecting you to what God is doing around the world through Local Church Driven Missions!
(and so much more!)