What is MSC?

The early focus of MSC, efficiently moving funds and providing trustworthy financial services, remains a core part of what we do. However, in recent years, our overseas worker care and communication with supporters and local churches across Canada have been significantly increased.

Over the course of the 75 years since, the role of MSC Canada has expanded into a full expression of what we now call Local Church Driven Missions – a biblical methodology and model for missionary work. We earnestly believe that the best way for the Great Commission to be fulfilled is for local churches to send their own to the mission field. MSC exists to enable local churches to assess, prepare, commend, and support their own mission workers.

We are also wholeheartedly Committed to God’s Supply, and believe that those who are sent should go, believing that God will supply all of their needs through the faithfulness of His people. As an organization, we do the same. From 1940 to today, every dollar sent to a mission worker through MSC has been sent in full to that worker, with no operating fees or deductions of any kind. All operating expenses are covered by the generous, specific giving of the churches we serve.

As sending local churches provide their workers with ministry-specific direction and spiritual oversight, we come alongside churches and their workers with missions-specific expertise, and ensures compliance with Canadian charity law. Put another way, we provide the legal and logistical means of serving and supporting workers outside of Canada.

Today, MSC Canada serves hundreds of local churches who are committed to this model of missions and on their behalf we serve over 250 mission workers who serve in 40 nations around the world as well as 400 “home workers” who serve in a wide variety of ministries and local churches throughout Canada.

MSC enjoys working closely with CMML in the United States and Echoes of Service in the UK on many projects and in fields where workers served by these organizations work together. We also cooperate with Mission Service Agencies from other countries such as Interlink (Scotland), AMT (Australia) and Global Connections (New Zealand).