Give by eTransfer

Who can give by eTransfer?

  • eTransfers can only be sent and received by Canadian bank accounts in Canadian dollars. People from outside of Canada should opt to use Credit Card or PayPal instead.

How much can I give by eTransfer?

  • Please keep in mind that there are usually daily limits (imposed by your bank) to how much you can send via eTransfer so it is best suited for smaller donations.
  • Please do not break one donation up into multiple eTransfers. The amount you have in your Checkout should match the amount sent in the eTransfer. Consider breaking a large donation into multiple separate, smaller ones.

How do I give by eTransfer?

1. Prepare a Distribution List.

  • Proceed to our online giving system, choose who you’d like to give to and how much, and at checkout choose to pay by eTransfer.
  • Remember to make sure that your total does not exceed your bank’s daily etransfer limit. If unsure, check with your bank to find out how much you can send per day / per transaction.

2. Log on to your banking site and set up an eTransfer for the full amount. Please remember to keep this below your daily sending limit.

  • Each address has a daily limit of what it can receive, so if you are unable to send to one address, please try another.
  • Please note that no password or passphrase is necessary since auto-deposit is enabled for the above email addresses. Please do not set a password or passphrase if asked.
  • If your bank requires a password or passphrase and will not send without one, please contact [email protected] and make arrangements for receipt of your etransfer.

3. Complete your Checkout here on the website to submit your Distribution List.

Set Up Your Donation List Online

Why won’t my eTransfer go through?

  • Please keep in mind that there are limits to how much MSC can receive to each of the above email addresses per day.
  • If your transfer won’t process, it’s likely because our limit has been reached. If so, please try another one of the above addresses.