Distribution of Funds

Funds are distributed primarily to workers commended from Canadian churches to serve in other countries but some funds are also distributed to:

  • Workers commended to serve in Canada (aka “home workers”)
  • Workers commended from other countries i.e. Australia, New Zealand, USA and UK via a service agency in the country with whom MSC has an agency agreement.
  • National Workers in other countries, via a national service group with which an agency agreement exists.
  • Workers supported through other Canadian organizations, via the organisation with which they are associated. Donors are encouraged to send gifts for these workers directly to the organization since this is more efficient and results in the worker receiving the funds sooner.

The funds are forwarded to the worker in the format most helpful to them, most commonly the following:

  • Deposits to worker bank accounts
  • Cheques to the worker in Canadian funds
  • Bank drafts to the worker in the local currency

In many countries it is illegal to have any foreign currency in one’s possession. For this and other reasons the services of MSC are recommended for the transfer of funds. Where the work being done involves hospitals, orphanages, schools, radio, video, literature, etc., it may be appropriate to keep funds in Canada for the purchase of supplies or to minimise transaction fees