Financial Integrity

Board of Directors

MSC Canada has an independent board who meet monthly to review the finances and operations of the organization and to make decisions regarding the use of funds. A subcommittee of the board acts as an audit committee and are responsible for ensuring internal controls are adequate and that the organization’s financial statements are accurate. They meet annually with our external auditors to review such matters.

Charitable Status

MSC Canada is a Canadian registered charitable organization and accordingly donations are eligible for Canadian tax credit. As such we are required by the CRA to file an annual report (copies are available on their website) and are subject to CRA audit. Our most recent audit by the CRA in 2013 indicated they were satisfied that we were fully in compliance with their regulations.

Annual Independent Audit

Grant Thornton Logo

MSC has engaged Grant Thornton to serve as our external auditor. Each year they review our books, records and accounting procedures in order to express their opinion on our financial statements. MSC Canada has always had an unqualified audit report.

CCCC Membership


MSC Canada is a Certified Member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC), an organization that exists to promote the highest standards, integrity and accountability among Christian charities. Every few years CCCC conducts a review of our policies and governance to ensure that we continue to meet the CCCC standards which are as follows:

  1. A Declared Christian Ministry
  2. An Independent Active Governing Board
  3. An Independent Audit
  4. Public Financial Disclosure
  5. An Audit Review Committee
  6. Pursuit of Integrity
  7. Declared Stewardship Policy
  8. Program Effectiveness & Efficiency
  9. Code of Accountability

To learn more about the CCCC visit and to learn more about CCCC’s Standards of Accountability visit