What am I supposed to do when I feel called of God to GO and take His great Gospel to the nations? I can feel the Great Commission weighing on me, where do I start? Who do I talk to? How do I proceed?

Here at MSC Canada we’re committed to a model of missions that has God’s glory through the local church at the centre. If that’s your heart too, keep reading – we exist to encourage and enable mission workers like you!

Before anything else, one vital note: Pray, pray again, and pray again – regardless of what stage of this process you find yourself in – pray! What we all want is for God to do the work only He can – rescuing sinners, lavishing His grace, giving strength and grace to disciple others – and these things will happen in response to the fervent, earnest prayers of His people.


The first step is to RESPOND to God’s call.

  • Talk to the leaders of your local church.
  • Think about where, when, and how long.
  • Continue serving.


Begin to PREPARE for the work God’s called you to.

  • Consider logistical needs.
  • Meet regularly with church leaders.
  • Dream, plan, pray, and research.


Acquire appropriate training for your mission work.

  • Prioritize learning and practical preparation.
  • Invest in resources you can take with you.
  • Consider attending MOP.


CONNECT with the people there and here regularly.

  • Walk with, encourage, exhort, disciple.
  • Call, text, email, utilize social media carefully.
  • Stay in touch with MSC.
There’s a deluge of things we could say right now to help you GO, but we’ve chosen to simplify it down to four key steps: Respond, Prepare, Train, and Connect. Each of these steps is slightly different depending on the duration or nature of your work. Choose the category below that best fits what you believe God is calling you to:

SHORT TERM (less than six months) 
EXTENDED TERM (more than six months) LONG TERM (permanent or indefinite relocation)

HOME WORKER (serving in Canada)