GO: Long Term – Step 1: Respond

The first step is to RESPOND to God’s call. We believe that a big part of the biblical response to a sense of God’s calling is to prayerfully involve others. Your church leaders can check out SEND: LONG TERM, which will help them think through their part in the process. Talk to the leaders of the local church where you fellowship, give them opportunity to ask questions, assess where you’re at, give recommendations and provide input. Think about when, where, and how long you’d like to go. Get in touch with MSC so that we can help support and guide the process. Throughout the process, continue serving in your current God-given context.

We’re not here to tell you or your church leaders what to do, but we are here to provide you with decades of experience helping mission workers get out to where God’s called them. We’re here to Serve, Inform, and Encourage you as you GO – and to do the same for your local church as they SEND. So, if you’re responding to the call to go and make disciples, read on!

Candidate Questionnaire Form

MSC has prepared a list of questions designed to help you anticipate and process what lies ahead:

Download Candidate Questionnaire Form

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