GO: Short Term – Step 1: Respond

We believe that a big part of the biblical response to a sense of God’s calling is to prayerfully involve others. When you feel called to GO on a short term mission, one of the first things you should do as you RESPOND to God is to get in touch with your local church leaders. Let them know what you’re thinking of doing and involve them in the process. Their questions, assessment, recommendations and input will be invaluable as you prayerfully consider what God has for you. Take some time to prayerfully think about things like these:

  • What sense of calling do I have for this short term mission?
  • How financially and practically prepared am I for this mission?
  • Do I have the life skills and experience necessay to meet the requirements for this mision?
  • How actively and energetically am I currently serving the Lord right where I am?
  • How enthusiastic is my current participation in the local church?

Your church leaders can check out the SEND: SHORT TERM part of this website, which will help them think through their part in this important process. Make sure to get in touch with MSC so that we can help support you. Throughout the process, continue serving in your current God-given context.

We’re not here to tell you or your church leaders what to do, but we are here to provide you with decades of experience helping mission workers get out to where God’s called them. We’re here to Serve, Inform, and Encourage you as you GO – and to do the same for your church as they SEND. So, if you’re responding to the call to go and make disciples, read on!

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