How To Give Online


1. Go to the GIVE page.

2. Search or Browse for the Donee (worker, project, or program) you’d like to give to.

  • To Search, start typing the name of the Donee you’d like to give to in the search bar below the buttons.
    • Matches will appear beneath the search bar (which you can click to select), or you can click the Search button to see all results.
  • To Browse, use the buttons to select the category you’d like to look in.
    • Once you’ve selected a category, you’ll see a list of every Donee in that category when you scroll the page down.
    • Find the Donee you’d like to give to, and click the Donate button underneath their name and picture.

PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot find the Donee you’d like to give to, please contact us before proceeding.

3. Once you’ve selected the Donee you wish to give to, you’ll see their donation page.

  • Enter the dollar amount you’d like to give to them.
  • Decide if you wish for your gift to be anonymous – the recipient won’t know who it’s from (though MSC will).
  • Finally, click the Add Donation button.
  • You will now see your donation appear in the Donations sidebar on the right hand side of your screen.

4. If you are only giving to one Donee at this time, you can now click the Checkout button in the sidebar to proceed.

5. If you would like to add more gifts to additional Donees, click the << Back to All Donees button in the sidebar to go back to the GIVE page. Follow Steps 2-3 as many times as you like to add as many gifts to your order as you like. When you’re finished adding gifts, click the Checkout button in the sidebar to proceed.

6. You are now at the Checkout page. Please enter your contact and payment information. Note in particular the payment options at the bottom of the page and their differences:

Paying by Credit Card adds a 3% surcharge to your order. This is to cover the processing fee charged to MSC and MSC does not receive this amount.

Paying by Cheque requires that you complete your checkout and then mail in a cheque for the full amount indicated in your cart. This method does not include any fees, but is the least secure and takes the longest time to receive and process. Learn more about giving by cheque.

Paying by Direct Debit (PAD has no fees and withdraws the money directly from your bank account once you’ve filled out and submitted the Direct Debit Authorization Form. Learn more about giving by PAD.

Paying by eTransfer has no fees on MSC’s end although many financial institutions charge their account holders for use of this service. Please check with yours prior to using this option, as there are also often daily limits on how much you can transfer. Learn more about giving by eTransfer.

Paying by PayPal should only be done if you already have a PayPal account set up that you use. Otherwise, please pay by Credit Card.

If you run into any difficulty while giving online, please feel free to give us a call anytime during business hours (or email any time at all) and we’d be more than happy to help you.