MSC Response to COVID-19

MSC Response to COVID-19

Dear MSC Family,
Things are changing quickly. MSC is doing all we can to stay ahead of these changes and to implement the best practices possible to serve our mission workers, staff, donors, and general constituency while respecting the severity of the crisis. Of course, we are not just responding to and anticipating the pandemic as it unfolds in Canada, but also in 56 countries around the world where there are MSC workers, each of which is at a different stage of responding to the same crisis. It is our goal to exceed or fully comply with recommendations being made, which result in changes to how MSC operates in the coming days. This notice will outline our response.

The office will be closed to the public and a reduced staff will be present onsite. We will continue to offer full services to our donors and workers. Those wishing to drop off donations in person may put them through the mail slot at the office. The phones will not be manned for the duration of this response, so we would encourage you to email [email protected] or leave a voicemail if you need to get in touch.

We have been in touch with all MSC workers and are tracking their situation. All short-term workers were contacted beginning last Friday and urged to make arrangements to get back to Canada. Many are now back and some literally en route as I write this, but some are still having difficulty and we continue to work with them. MSC will offer assistance to help with the extra costs incurred by workers having to make arrangements.

The ACCTS season was just about to begin after Easter, and many will be getting ready to bring or ship boxes to our warehouse. As of March 17, we are not receiving boxes and other goods. Do not ship or bring goods to the MSC warehouse. The ACCTS schedule has been pushed back to June at the earliest, and we will provide an update once dates are known.

MSC has established a COVID-19 FUND. All donations made to this fund will be used to assist MSC workers around the world with the unforeseen expenses related to COVID-19, such as getting back to Canada at short notice. Some same-day flights, which our workers have had to take, have been extremely expensive. Available funds will be used for other COVID-19 related expenses as some workers may need to rent accommodations for the mandatory 14-day quarantine which cannot be spent with family or friends. There will be expenses incurred by workers who do not return to Canada since many of the countries they are in are shut down due to the virus.

It takes a team to keep our workers fulfilling the call of God in their lives. We’re so thankful for those of you who care for, pray for, and give to workers. As you keep them in your prayers, please pray for MSC as we provide missions-specific services, advice, and assistance during this crisis. We trust God as absolutely sovereign over the circumstances of this world and over this virus. We also accept our responsibility to do all we can to take appropriate measures, to comply with government directives, and to be a shining example of both faith and responsibility in a dark situation.

On behalf of the National Committee,
Phil Barnes
Executive Director

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  1. Bob & Eleanor Keppy
    May 6, 2020 at 4:29 pm

    Many thanks for the work you do everyday. Keeping up with all the changes and regulations affecting missionaries and the work they do must create added difficulties on top of the usual challenges of living and working in so many different environments! Those challenges affect not only them but you as a support ministry. May the Lord give you daily wisdom in these challenging times. We keep reminding ourselves that HE IS STILL IN CHARGE !!

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