Our new giving system is live!

Our new giving system is live!

If you regularly come to msccanada.org to make donations, you’ll notice that, as of today, our GIVE system has been totally overhauled.

Now when you click on GIVE, you’ll be taken to a visual index of all the mission workers, missions projects, and MSC Programs you can designate your donation to. You can sort this index by category (using the available buttons), search it, or you can enter a custom recipient (for workers and projects not listed) or give “where most needed.” Simply choose where you’d like to send your money and click on the Donate button below, enter the amount, and click on “Add Donation” to add it to your cart (which is shown in the sidebar on the right hand side of the website).

If you’d like to give to multiple recipients, simply repeat this process to fill out your cart. At any time, you can click on “View Donations” to see a summary of everything in your cart. When you’re done, look at the bottom of the sidebar cart and click on “Checkout” – this will take you to the checkout page where you can enter your billing details, notes, and preferences and choose your method of payment.

There’s a few things you should note:

First, as always, MSC will continue to pass on 100% of all gifts to MSC workers and projects – in other words, everything we receive for them goes to them.

Second, if you choose to give by cheque or recurring pre-authorized withdrawal, your donation will not be processed until you print out your Distribution List (there’s a button provided to do this!) and mail it to us with the accompanying cheque (or voided cheque in the case of pre-authorized withdrawal).

Third, if you choose to give online, there is a 3% credit card fee that will be added to your donation. This fee covers all the credit card fees involved in processing your donation and MSC does not receive this fee.

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