5000 Bibles


Date Submitted: February 9, 2017
Country: Nigeria
Submitted by: Tom & Lois Wheeler


The Nigerian Bible Society (NBS), our supplier of the Igala Bibles, has imposed two conditions. They are demanding that we order a minimum of 5,000 copies. We must place an order, for our stock which is as good as finished!

Please pray with us giving thanks and praise to the Lord for what we are able to do on such short notice. Although things are working a bit strangely, we see God’s hand clearly in it, and we are confident that all is working together for good. One thing for sure, stocking up with 5000 Bibles instead of a normal order of 3000 will greatly improve the availability of Bibles in the later months of the year. What an honour it is for us to be chosen and responsible for maintaining a supply of God’s Word for the Lord’s people. There is a forever need of Bibles for new converts, for the many yet to be saved, and for replacing old Bibles that are wearing out from constant use.