A great need


Date Submitted: May 10, 2018
Country: Romania


John has been doing much preaching and teaching since we returned from the states in February. The assemblies in villages are smaller now, and there is a great need of men of God to teach, preach and encourage from the Word. We used to have a ministry of teachers and preachers that would drive from Bacau (the town we live in) into the surrounding villages to encourage believers and fellowship with them on Sunday mornings. The assemblies from Bacau have grown smaller, the young men left to work in other countries in Europe, the older have passed on, and it is difficult for them to send anyone when they struggle themselves in this area. We pray that the Lord will raise up gifted men that have this work on their hearts.

In Moldova, there are assemblies where they have no men to read the Scriptures. One of our brothers from Romania, who lives closer to the border, takes along his wife who has dementia and goes to Moldova where he preaches every Sunday. John and I drive to assemblies in different villages around Bacau every Sunday morning. The few believers left, rejoice when they get visited. Pray that we would be able to take young men with us and ask the Lord to undertake this burden. There is a young man who had already asked to come along with us, which is so encouraging.