Prayer request


Date Submitted: December 13, 2018
Country: Ecuador


As of last Friday, we were informed that there was more activity in the suit against Lloyd concerning the property where we have been located for the past 30 years. The suit has been ongoing for well over 20 years.

When our co-worker John Munday became ill over 30 years ago, he asked that we would promise to care for his orphanage in Quito and signed over this property to the Brethren Mission. Actually, the Mission bought the property for a small sum. Lloyd was president of the Mission at that time. He also gave Lloyd full power of attorney. The transaction was legally registered in the office of the Property Registry and legally signed by John. John then returned to Canada for medical treatment.

PROBLEM: Someone changed the date of the transaction in the office of the Property Registry making it appear that John was out of the country when the transaction was registered, thus making it illegal. John’s signature has been officially verified on the transaction. The suit was dormant for years but at this time three lawyers have decided to take on the suit to try and take away the property where we are and the Bible Institute is located. Our lawyer says that they have no legal right to the property BUT they have paid a large sum of money to the three judges, who must agree) to win the suit.

Corruption and evil abound and certainly Satan does not want the work here to continue. There should be a judgement by next week. PLEASE PRAY WITH US.