Another surgery


Date Submitted: April 11, 2019
Country: Zambia


After his accident in February, when our son David broke both bones in his lower right leg in an open fracture, there was still concern about the movement of his main leg bone. So, we went to Chitokoloki, where a visiting Orthopaedic surgeon removed the cast and put an external fixation on his leg, putting 2 pins into both the upper and lower part of the bone, and then an external bracket to hold them together. We are very thankful that the surgery went well. The surgeon was able to realign fully the main bone and fit the external fixation. The two sections of the main bone had started to join, and were actually overlapping by 3cm, which is far more than we had realized. Without the surgery, the result would have been a shorter right leg for David! Thanks again for remembering David before the Lord.