Cholera outbreak


Date Submitted: January 11, 2018
Country: Zambia


Due to a cholera outbreak in Zambia, all schools, meetings and other places of worship have been closed at least through the month of January. Because of Sherry’s training and experience in medical issues, especially emergency events, she was asked to participate in the District Epidemic Task Force. What follows is from Sherry’s report:

“I spent Monday afternoon chairing a meeting with the Mayor of Luanshya. We are focused on prevention and treatment at this time. As of today, there are no known cases of cholera in Luanshya. However, there are confirmed cases in Ndola and in Kitwe, both nearby. Clean water supply continues to be a major issue and sewage lines have been blocked causing additional concerns.

Luanshya is a thoroughfare between two major metropolitan areas and thus at great risk of contamination. Your prayers in this regard are greatly appreciated as we communicate with the local population.

A program of consistent surveillance and communication on prevention is being enacted. At the present time, a directive has been issued on public gatherings exceeding 5 persons. Sadly, not all people  will adhere to the directive and we expect there to be casualties.

I will be working closely with local and national authorities in this effort and trust that the love of Christ will prevail as we work in the trenches with civic leadership.”