Christmas in the open air


Date Submitted: December 7, 2016
Country: Uruguay
Submitted by: Robert & Cecilia Russell


We are getting ready to celebrate Christmas in the open air with our Sunday school of around 100 children. The street in front of the church is blocked for the occasion and the municipality gives us a large wooden platform where the performance can be appreciated from far and near by parents and neighbours. We usually have around 250 people present at this event. We will hold this program the 17th of December and the following day have a Sunday school picnic where the children spend the day at Camp playing and swimming and we serve them spaghetti… then in the afternoon the rest of the assembly people will come out to the camp for a baptismal meeting of 8, then celebrate the Breaking of Bread. Many more ministries are being fulfilled on a regular basis and we continue to travel to Dolores twice a week, others go to Palmitas, and still others are invited to speak, cook and entertain in different parts of the country.