Evangelistic film project


Date Submitted: February 23, 2017
Country: Japan


We have begun an evangelistic film project. This project will feature a series of short videos geared at reaching the Japanese with the Biblical message of salvation. Each film will use either a cultural key word or certain theme to segue into a specific truth from the Bible. This weekend we uploaded the first of these, called in English, “What’s Worth Living For?”. Each film will hopefully have both Japanese and English versions. This time, because we could not find a Japanese brother who was ready to loan his voice to the project, we have only subtitles. For all of you, who speak English, it nevertheless shouldn’t be a problem. We would so much value your viewing of the film online. We would also value you sharing it with any and everyone, especially since this video’s message is very much universal in scope. Again, this movie is only 5 minutes long, free and you also have the freedom to share it freely, in whatever way you desire. If you’d like a digital version for any kind of evangelistic endeavor, please contact me and we can find out a way to get a version to you. We simply ask that you do not sell it or charge for it. Below is the link, on YouTube. Thank you for your support and partnership in spreading the Gospel and reaching the Japanese for the Lord Jesus. “What’s Worth Living For?” – 生きがい