Grateful for this answer to prayer


Date Submitted: May 16, 2019
Country: Other
Submitted by: Daniel & Mirtha McKinley


We rejoice in the Lord’s faithfulness and the evidence of answered prayers. Three brothers have come forward and offered to take over the administration of the camp for the next three years. They have met with the engineer who has been looking at the problem with our well and feel they have found a way to fix it.

Fixing the well will be expensive, so we have agreed to continue helping with the expenses at the camp for the remainder of this year. We are grateful for this answer to prayer. It has been our goal all along to see this ministry transition into the hands of local believers. Please pray for these men. They are taking on a big responsibility and challenging work. May the Lord grant them the needed wisdom to see this ministry continue to grow for His glory and praise.

Please continue to pray for us as well. There are a lot of details to be worked out before we travel to Canada on the 24th of this month.