Hard to describe


Date Submitted: April 5, 2017
Country: Peru


Thank you so much for praying for Peru. The whole country covets your prayers, especially now. We had a team of 20+ volunteers from our assembly coming for 12 straight days. Today we kick off our third week of relief work.

As we write this note, our radio waves and newspapers announce that most of our city will continue without water for another 3 weeks. Things are getting a little desperate in some sections outside the city. This morning we came across a main square where we found a large group of people holding empty buckets and standing in line since Saturday morning. The city tries to deliver water in large water trucks; so far, they have not delivered as needed. So, to mitigate the need of many, we try to ration our water supply to half a gallon per person. Our plan is to continue doing this as long as we have water (being supplied by the well at the orphanage and school property) and vehicles to do so. Right now, we have only been able to count on the little truck from the orphanage to carry one tank around each day. We have two 1,100-liter water tanks and one 5,000-liter tank available but no way to take them all out.

After this week, we are hoping to select a team of volunteers to travel to Piura, a city 5.5 hours north from us. This is a city almost completely under water. The needs there are hard to describe. Pray for the best way to assist the believers and people there.”