Date Submitted: March 22, 2018
Country: Ireland


“It turned out that 2017 was a year of realising that my health was not as good as it used to be. In October I ended up in hospital having many tests and scans to get to the bottom of what was going on. I came home with a lot of unexpected news of medical issues to deal with, including partially collapsed lungs, a mass in my sinus cavity, stenosis in my lower spine, a bleed in one of my eyes and muscle weakness with my oesophagus. Needless to say, all this was a lot to take in and think about. Some of the problems could be helped with new medications, others by higher doses of current meds, most of which has helped tremendously.

In February I had surgery to have this mass removed. It turned out to be the size of a golf ball, but the Lord over ruled wonderfully!

Throughout all this time, I have had to cut back more and more on the amount of work that I have been able to do. My mobility due to the stenosis was also getting worse. In February, my lung condition was reassessed and the verdict was that my lungs are slowly getting worse and if I wanted to return to the U.S. it would be wise to do so sooner than later, but flying was not an option. The big question going around in my mind was ‘Lord, what do I do and how?’ Once again, I had nothing to worry about, He had it all sorted out and I have again been amazed and in awe watching God at work.

The first big hurdle was getting across the Atlantic Ocean. After a lot of investigating, I found a ship going from Southampton, England to New York.

37 years ago, on January 11, 1981 I stepped onto Irish soil for the first time, now on June 24 I will be stepping off that soil leaving the country and people I have served and grown to love for one last time. Between now and then, I am coveting your prayers. As you can imagine, this is a huge emotional roller-coaster ride and it is very hard to pack up your life in a few short months. Please pray.”