Life-threatening snakes


Date Submitted: June 27, 2019
Country: Nigeria
Submitted by: Tom & Lois Wheeler


Last week we had the joy of a Good News Conference here. It is a Saturday to Sunday time of fellowship and going out in groups to share the Gospel. Lord willing, next month the Workers Camp Seminar will convene here. Brothers and sisters coming in usually fill up the compound and sleep in tents.
This year, rains started early and our focus right now is on cutting grass. We are getting a lot of work done, but it is a never-ending struggle, using two patched up antiquated mowers. We need two new mowers as soon as possible. The goal is to keep life-threatening snakes away. Just last week we had two encounters with extremely dangerous venomous snakes right in our home. We just lost two animals secured in a well fenced area on our compound to snake bites. Snakes and snake bite cases at the hospital are far too many this year. How safe our compound will be for the brethren in a few weeks has much to do with how well we have grass cutting under control. Prayers for our safety and safety for our people here on the compound are much appreciated.