Medical team


Date Submitted: May 10, 2017
Country: Haiti


Pray for our upcoming medical team who will arrive in Haiti on May 12 and leave on May 26. This is our yearly team from the University of Chattanooga.
Lord willing, the first week with the team will be spent in the remote mountains of Potino where we will be holding a mobile clinic providing basic healthcare. As of two weeks ago, the road leading up to Potino was severely washed out due to excessive rain, and we had to tell the people that we couldn’t make it up there as planned with the team and medical supplies. The community men insisted that they would do what it takes to get the road fixed so we can still come! So, provided there isn’t any more severe rain, we pray that God would make a way for us, as the dear people there are very anxious for us to come.

The second week we plan to spend in two different locations that already have a clinic. The first stop is the Good Samaritan Clinic also known as “Zak’s Clinic” in Cazale. The bridge to Zak’s is also washed out, so we will have to take a detour that is much longer and rougher. After that, we will go to a clinic in Onaville. This clinic was recently started in a “town” that sprung up after the earthquake, when people lost their homes and all they had in Port-au-Prince.