Mountain people


Date Submitted: January 10, 2019
Country: Haiti
Submitted by: Tony & Edna Jones


Because of the difficulty in reaching some people where they live, I hire a brother and his donkey to ride around the mountain tops with a megaphone inviting people to come watch the King of Glory film in Haitian Creole. Some walked 2 hours to attend our outreach because they heard the megaphone.

Approximately 75% of the mountain people cannot read or write. If you cannot read Scripture, how can you learn or grow spiritually? It’s a huge blessing to be able to go to these mountain people and show them a movie in their own language that explains salvation clearly.

Most mountain people have never seen a movie in their life or even know what one is. When you turn on the projector everyone goes into shock, the room becomes silent as they stare at the figures that they are seeing on the bedsheet hanging on the wall.

So now, some of the people from other communities that attended our outreach have invited us to come show the film in their community. For the next two months we will be showing King of Glory and sharing the Gospel with other remote mountain communities. Pray for real fruit!