Harry and Ruth’s ongoing issues


Date Submitted: August 15, 2019
Country: Tanzania


[via John Kinlaw]

Harry & Ruth left for Rwanda a few weeks ago. When they left Harry was sick with a cold, not a bad one, but he had it for a long time. Then it got worse while in Rwanda and Burundi and he was admitted to the hospital. He most likely had pneumonia or a bad case of bronchitis, but the diagnosis here is not accurate. It has been a slow healing process, and even now he is still weak and not over it fully. On top of that Ruth sprained her ankle badly on the way to Rwanda, so for the whole conference they rested. Their car died on them in Rwanda, Luke pulled it back to Burundi and it is being fixed there. They decided to stay there with Jesse and family to rest for a week before the conference in Burundi. We have observed Harry getting weaker over the last several months with this ongoing sickness. They really need our prayers.