Operation Tuxpan


Date Submitted: March 28, 2019
Country: Mexico


We invite you to join us in a week of intense evangelistic outreach from June 2-7th. Lord willing, some of you will find your way open to come along with us for this year’s big Amor Divino event, Operación Tuxpan. We would be thrilled to have you join us!
We have decided to continue the work in the areas surrounding the city of Ciudad Hidalgo, which we covered last year. The small city of Tuxpan is nearby, and we hope to cover this city, as well as other surrounding towns and villages. If we were to do an outreach in a whole new area, we would then be lacking the workers to follow up afterwards. Please continue to pray to the Lord of the Harvest with us, that He might send just the family He would have for this needy corner of the field.