Pray for Haiti


Date Submitted: November 29, 2018
Country: Haiti


Things are very tense throughout Haiti and there are areas that are downright dangerous even for Haitians. The unrest is mostly political and is especially affecting travel and commerce. Some of the larger cities are running out of food and I am afraid that will only fuel the violence.
Here in the mountains, however, things are almost normal. Our biggest concern is that most of the government offices are not operating and our residency papers are stuck somewhere in the renewal process. We need to get those back before we go home on December 18th. We had a lot of other plans that must change and projects that won’t get finished because of the unrest and limited travel but we trust this all to God’s will.
Please pray that the Lord would move the political powers to peace. Also, that we would be able to get our papers renewed in time to return home for the birth of our little girl.