Pray for Peru


Date Submitted: March 22, 2017
Country: Peru
Submitted by: Crystal Carillo (Rudy)


At Strong Tower School, classes started on March 6th but now they have been postponed due to the rains. Many parts on the coast of Peru have flooded. Many have lost their lives and homes due to flash floods as the rivers overflow their banks. Thousands of people have no water, food, electricity or housing. The highway that connects all the major cities has been severely damaged. Lots of people have been stranded far from home, so the Peruvian air force has been offering free flights. Food prices have skyrocketed as most of the fresh produce has at least doubled in price if not more. A lot of food items just aren’t available because there are no roads.

Fortunately, the rain has not affected us too much. When it rains the streets turn into rivers but within a couple of hours it all runs out into the rice fields or the irrigation ditches.

Please pray for the people of Peru, that the Lord would use the flooding and horrible circumstances for His glory, and that the believers here would be able to show God’s love to their neighbors and that we can be bold and share the Gospel with the lost.

Please also pray with us as we seek to help those in need, and that the Lord would guide us and give us wisdom to know how best to help.