A pretty bad accident


Date Submitted: April 26, 2017
Country: Peru


Whily was in a pretty bad accident on his way to Chilete. He, Rosa, Mario and Gregoria were headed down the mountain to celebrate the church anniversary in Chilete. It was sunny all day in Cajamarca and when they were in the most dangerous part of the drive, they were caught in a huge downpour with lots of hail. Someone was over the line so Mario went off to the side a bit, and when he braked, the car didn’t stop because of the hail. They weren’t going fast. They rolled through the road barrier on the side, and then down a hill and a tree caught them before they dropped down to the road below them. We think they rolled four times. Mario and Whily are in the best shape. Whily just has stitches on his elbow and a bit of rib pain. Mario seems to be pretty good. Rosa is bruised, and Gregoria actually flew from the car and is in a lot of pain. She is able to move her arms and legs which is really great, but she is the most affected. We are so thankful that everyone is alive and they say from how the car looks, they should be more banged up, or even dead. We praise the Lord for all the people who stopped to help them. A bus stopped and called the police, and a good Samaritan stopped his pickup truck who was heading down the mountain and returned to Cajamarca to take Gregoria and Rosa to the clinic. Farmers from right there came from their homes and helped move Gregoria on a mattress that they had in the car with them. Thanks for praying for everyone and continue to praise God with us for His care.