A rather long walk through swamps


Date Submitted: December 7, 2017
Country: Other


On our journeys, we stayed the weekend in the community where a brother works as a teacher. A final decision was made in the community that Christians could have permission to build a chapel, but in an area a rather long walk through swamps. It was a little sad having to walk the long slippery path to meet in a desolate area. Each time the believers meet they have the opportunity to suffer a bit, but can choose to do it out of great love for Christ, each step of the way. Pray with us for the churches to grow strong in the Lord.

The believers in Saum started their day every morning at 2am to work on translation with us. There were 7 faithful believers who participate in the translation work, all while studying and growing in Christ. Please pray for the Lord’s provision that one day we could have a satellite connection to better unite us. Saum, especially, is a community that is very remote, near the Peruvian border with few planes flying in. We love Saum and HE cares for them. Several are still needing the Lord and are open to the Gospel.

In the communities of Santiak, Surik-Entsa and Saum, we were able to help many patients with things like infections, parasites, pain and fever. We did not take any food with us. The people took care of us and often brought us special items to eat as we treated the sick.

We have begun praying about the possibility of a team visiting, that the Lord would put it on the hearts of some who would come to show love and serve in some way  . We trust the Lord would have us return in his timing and perfect will, and He would also guide us on the time period we ought to stay. We are thankful for how the Lord has been leading the translation. Please keep the work in your prayers.