Date Submitted: July 12, 2018
Country: Zambia
Submitted by: Bruce & Marilyn Poidevin


Mission Flight Services in Zambia is alive and well. Please pray for them as they relocate to Lusaka from Kalene. Here’s some specifics from Director, Bruce Poidevin:
“On July 2nd, we flew out of Kalene for the last time. We have relocated the 2 planes and ourselves to Lusaka. This was preceded by 10 weeks of packing and 15 truckloads of goods being shipped out. We have made arrangements for our planes to be maintained under a company in Lusaka with Jon Lake’s help. We have some flying ahead for Sakeji and Chitokoloki in the next few months. The Loudon’s have retired and the Lakes are in the UK for their baby. They will be returning to live at another mission station. Pray that we may see God’s hand in all we have gone through and what the Lord has ahead for us.”