Sammy’s surgery


Date Submitted: January 31, 2017
Country: Burundi


Our son Sammy began experiencing grand mal seizures in 2016. After intensive hospital testing we were advised by a top pediatric neurosurgeon that Sam is a good candidate for brain surgery, after which he will need a year of careful monitoring. The surgery has been scheduled for April 3, 2017, at Florida Hospital for Children in Orlando, FL. With this in mind we have planted ourselves in Florida, taking his distressing struggles one day at a time.

The children have adjusted well to new routines, schools, and neighborhood, except for Sammy. The high-dose anti-seizure medicines have changed him into a different child: aggressive, angry, unhappy. He rarely smiles or laughs like he did before the seizures. He wants to be with mommy all the time, which makes it hard to get anything else done. I never fully realized the magnitude of caring for a strong teenaged handicapped child. Before the seizures he was always helping me. So now it’s my turn to help him. I love this wonderful precious boy. Thank you for praying for Sammy (and me, too), and also Sam’s siblings who are not sure what to do with Sam’s moods and angry unmanageable outbursts.

Update, January 25 The neurosurgeon’s office called this morning (after I had left a message asking if there were any cancellations to please put Sam’s surgery forward) and they said that someone had just cancelled! I was first to be called to see if we wanted to take the earlier surgery date! I said “YES!” So, thank you for praying! Sam will have surgery on February 13 (1st surgery to open skull and place electrodes to monitor seizures and pinpoint exact location) and then the 2nd surgery (if all goes well and he has a seizure while in intensive care) will be February 17th. Then he’ll have 3-5 days’ recuperation, and will take at least a month before he’ll feel strong again. This is a HUGE answer to prayer! Thank you, LORD! Please pray!