Specific Request


Date Submitted: May 3, 2018
Country: Mexico


The Michoacán State Fair began 3 days ago. We are grateful to the Lord for all He has done to make it possible for us to be there! We have had some very good conversations with people, have sold several Bibles and other books, and have given out many gospels of Johns, as well as CD’s, tracts and gospel coins. Some people seem to be impacted by the question on one side of the coin: “Where will you spend eternity?” Most people, it seems, have never considered this question before. The other side of the coin has John 3:16 printed out on it.

We need specific prayer about a problem that is very trying for us and prevents us often from being able to hear and talk with the people well. The stand right in front of ours, as well as a couple of others behind us, have speakers which, most of the day, are turned up so loud it is hard to have conversations with people. We have been praying the Lord would cause those speakers to break down, or else that He would impress on those people to turn their music way down. Please pray with us about this.

Please pray for strength for us, as this is a 3-week project, every day, for around 10 hours each day.

UPDATE (May 2nd):  Please keep praying. The shoe store began with their loud music early in the day, but soon it was on and off for periods of time. By late afternoon, it seemed to be set on a low volume and was not a problem for us. Please continue praying for this, as there are still 20 fair days remaining and this can be a problem on any one of those days.