The best part


Date Submitted: March 7, 2019
Country: Haiti
Submitted by: Tony & Edna Jones


Even during all the unrest and with most missions closed, our mountain ministry hasn’t missed a beat. We are still able to lead the 3 churches and continue with children’s programs. The difficult issue is trying to help the mountain people with some food, as hunger has become a real problem. Yesterday was our first trip up and we met a leader in one of the communities we minister in. We loaded his donkeys and he then started the 4-hour trek back home.
We are putting together a bakery for one of the mountain communities. There are about 450 families living in this community. The stoves are metal drums, which I got from Samaritan’s Purse. There is also a press that is used to squeeze the dough. Next week we will take all the pieces up to meet the donkeys. Some of it will be carried on the heads of the men. Once everything is installed we are taking a baker up there to show them how to make bread. The best part is that we have been evangelizing this area for a few years and the Lord has brought many to Him! Please keep Haiti and the mountain people in your prayers.