The cause of the fatherless


Date Submitted: May 17, 2018
Country: Peru


On the afternoon of Friday, May 4th, one of our neighbours approached the orphanage to present a document signed by the local municipality indicating they are entitled to a new set of land coordinates. This new would mean that they would be allowed to enlarge their land bordering the orphanage. Typically, when resolutions like this are granted, thorough research and interaction must happen to ensure peace and safety.

For over 15 years, we have lived peaceably and were dumbfounded that he was now claiming a mistake to play to is advantage.

On Saturday afternoon, two bulldozers forced their way through our gate and began working to clear the segment our neighbor claims to be his! We were distraught. Things got worse, as the land clearing led to a power and water outage. That night all our children and workers huddled into small groups to inspire a feeling of protection and security.

With Pablo currently stateside, Sarah and several men in the assembly collected large containers of water. Another brother rushed to connect our electric generator. It was a long night to say the least. Our lawyer got a hold of a judge who came at night and halted the work. She seemed to side with us and got really upset when she learned the children were without power or water. She asked our lawyer to prepare a lawsuit. With it, she requested a new set of officers to be brought into place and reprimanded the ones ‘watching’ the invaders.

The following day, our neighbour’s men came and fixed the water and power problem, then immediately resumed their work to build a wall.

Please pray. This is still a developing story. He will not let the cause of the fatherless go unheard… that’s where we rest (Ex. 22:22).