The tip of the iceberg


Date Submitted: June 14, 2018
Country: Peru


The violent incursion into a segment of the orphanage property that repeatedly cut our power and water supply, was only the tip of the iceberg of a much larger problem that we have come to discover because of it.

As we began to peel deeply into the layers of these 64 acres of sand dunes where the orphanage sits, we are now aware that our neighbor’s violent incursion was only a minor part of the problem. On at least three fronts of the property, people have found out that we are extremely vulnerable because we never acted aggressively to secure our borders with the city’s Public Registry. These sand dunes continue to increase in value by the day and our neighbors will not stop till they get something out of it! We must act with precision and decisiveness. After much discussion and prayer as a board, we have decided to hand this problem over to a legal team of professionals. Pray for the Lord’s provision to tackle this issue. We want our staff to devote their time and energy to the children; we’ve been way too distracted lately! Pray the Lord will lead us to a reasonable team of lawyers to take the case of the land issues at the orphanage.