Tragic Events


Date Submitted: October 4, 2018
Country: Haiti
Submitted by: Tony & Edna Jones


Tragic events take place every day in this country. Last week, a boy from the mountain fell down a cliff and broke his arm. I am told it took 14 hours for the family to get him to the hospital. The doctors, like everyone else in this country, had not been paid for 3 months, so the bill to fix the boys arm was about three year’s wages. So, the boy was turned away and the family went to stay with relatives that live in the town. The family then sent word back to their mountain community to start selling their animals and whatever they had in their garden to try to raise money for the boy’s operation. In the end they had raised less than half of what was needed. The poor boy had not gotten any sleep because of the pain he was in, so they went back to the hospital with the money they had. The doctors still refused to operate. I got word that the boy has just died from the infection which set in. God, help this place! Please keep us in your prayers.