Update on Lydia


Date Submitted: August 22, 2019
Country: Burundi


We thank the Lord that each day Lydia has been making progress, getting stronger and getting back to normal. Today we had a follow up appointment with the two main doctors which went well, they are happy with Lydia’s recovery but have her on some anti-seizure medication for at least a few months as a precaution because of the scarring caused by the cerebral malaria. Tomorrow Lord willing we fly back to Burundi and then the next day drive home to Gisuru. Please PRAY specifically for Lydia as she continues to recover from the cerebral malaria.
Please also pray for the Gisuru School for the Deaf as we get ready to begin the new school year, and for the Gisuru Emmanuel Church plant as we get started, that the Lord would use this place for His glory and that many people in our community would come to know Christ. Lastly, please pray that we might be a visible demonstration of the love of Christ to the community! Thanks so much for praying for us, especially in the last few weeks with Lydia’s medical emergency.