Urgent prayer requests


Date Submitted: March 1, 2018
Country: Tanzania
Submitted by: John & Krista Poidevin


On Thursday Krista was having more pain, not just at the back of her head but also behind her eye. We decided to consult with a Neurologist and were seen on Friday. On Saturday she had a VEP and MRI done. We went to the Neurologist on Monday to receive the results of the tests done.
We were told that the root of the problem with Krista’s eyes is a brain tumor. The Neurosurgeon saw us as well and said it needed to be operated on quickly, but he is unable to do the procedure. We are still waiting to hear from our insurance company before we make any travel plans. Please pray that a suitable Neurosurgeon will be found and for our family as the next few days and weeks will be full of even more upheaval.

Update (Feb 28th, 2pm) 

John’s parents were able to get flights and expect to arrive within about 5 hours to be with our kids
Please specifically pray that the insurance company is able to arrange a Doctor to join us on the 5pm commercial flight tomorrow heading to Canada. If this is not possible, please pray that they would have wisdom in arranging the air ambulance to take us.
Pray that John’s parents’ time with the kids would go well and that God would be glorified through all of this.