Very urgent needs at Camp Betel


Date Submitted: April 11, 2019
Country: Peru


We would greatly appreciate your prayers for the future of our Camp Betel here in Ica. There are some very urgent needs and problems at this time. Our current well is drying up and without water it’s impossible to maintain the camp. It is prohibited by law to drill new wells in this area or to drill deeper the current well. Some people will be looking into this to see if there’s any possibility that we can get the permission to drill deeper. Also, there is an urgent need for full-time administrators to live and work at the camp. Things get very easily run down when no one is around to maintain them. Also, please pray that the local assemblies would desire to support the camp much more. If these problems are not resolved it’s possible that the camp may be sold. Leaving us without any camp, would be a very sad thing as this camp has had an influence in so many lives over that past 35 years. Please pray that wisdom would be given to those making decisions and that in the Lord’s will we would be able to continue using the camp for many years to come.