Waiting on the Lord


Date Submitted: March 29, 2018
Country: Argentina


Please pray for Martha at this time. One of the cables of her pacemaker became detached from the heart. The doctor re-programmed the pacemaker to work with just one cable. The other cable will be replaced in the near future.

Something else has shown up on the chest x-ray that is of concern. Martha had a CT scan and the pulmonary doctor said that the situation is “suspicious” and must be studied further. Consulting with our cardiologist they decided to replace the detached cable on the pacemaker and then take some further tests. Some of the tests could require being hospitalized and would be invasive. The doctor recommends returning to the United States where our Medicare insurance would cover much of the expense.

A trip to the U.S. would require getting Martha in the best condition possible and then making all the arrangements to be in the U.S. near a good hospital. In the meantime, she can rest, eat and move around in a limited way. Please pray for us in this time of waiting on the Lord.