Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Needed Now: As of Spring 2019
Adult Clothing in S/M/L (not XL+)


Q: What do you need most for sending?

A: The primary rule is quality over quantity. As you’ll see on our shipping form, the categories of needed goods include Medical Equipment & Supplies, Christian & School Supplies, Maintenance & Hygiene Supplies, Electronics, Household Items, and Non-Perishable Food & Drink.

Q: What is the policy about only boxes supplied by ACCTS for shipments to Zambia?

A: The workers in Zambia have asked that all goods (excluding items which do not fit in boxes) be packed in uniform sized boxes which can be packed into larger boxes that load easily into the containers. This makes for easier and more secure in-country handling and shipping for our Zambian workers. If you have any questions, please contact Gerrit Van Essen for more details.

Q: What kind of boxes can I send?

A: ACCTS has a specific size of box that is used for loading containers in Portage-la-Prarie and Markham. These boxes are available by pickup when delivering your goods to the warehouse. We can also send them to you if you make a request. To send them to you we must have your street address and telephone number for the courier service. (No P.O. Box numbers please!)

Q: What if I can’t get any of these boxes?

A: Please make every attempt to acquire the proper ACCTS box. However, should this fail, you may still use an apple, orange or banana box although they are harder to accommodate due to the fact that our larger container boxes hold a specific number of these ACCTS boxes. If a fragile item comes pre-packaged it is best to leave it in its original carton. If you have a specific question, please call us, we will be happy to work it out with you.

Q: Can I send a crate instead of lots of boxes?

A: Wooden crates are used only if the items are dedicated to one person or mission station and the items are too big or awkward to place in the ACCTS boxes. It must be properly constructed and therefore be easily lifted into the container with a forklift. Unless items will not fit into boxes as requested we discourage the use of crates. The whole idea of using boxes is to make packing easier. If a crate must be used, the contents should be marked on the outside. See also Before Shipping.

Q: About the Inventory. What if I have several different categories in one box?

A: Just choose the two most dominant and don’t worry about the rest. However, please send an inventory sheet with the boxes.

Q: When can I bring items to the warehouse for the container?

A: There are 2 answers to this question. If you don’t need help handling the boxes, you can bring them to the warehouse any time the MSC Canada office is open. The office staff will open the doors for you. If you need help unloading the boxes, then you must bring them at a time there are volunteers present to help you. The dates when there are workers in the warehouse are posted on the Shipping Dates page. Otherwise you should call the MSC office to be sure someone is there to help.

Q: How long does it take the containers to arrive on the mission field?

A: This of course depends where they are going. Generally it is about 6 weeks but to Zambia it is nearer 12 weeks because of the overland shipping.

Q: Can I help with manning the warehouse or packing.

A: Yes! We can always use volunteers. Contact Gerrit Van Essen if you can give some time.

Q: Do we have to pay to ship items in the container?

A : Generally, no! However, if you are sending a lot of things, the question could be “how will the things I’m sending be paid for?”

Q: Where do I send donations?

A. ACCTS finances are handled in their entirety by MSC Canada. Cheques should be sent to MSC Canada, 101 Amber St., Unit 16, Markham, Ontario, L3R 3B2. MSC will issue a charitable receipt

Q: Should I make cheques payable to ACCTS?

A. No. cheques should be made payable to MSC Canada. However please annotate them with ACCTS.