Before Shipping

One of the major problems encountered in receiving goods at the warehouse and loading the containers for shipping overseas, is the fact that the goods arrive in a wide variety of boxes and conditions. Below are the guidelines for preparation of goods and delivery of them to the warehouse for loading into containers. Please remember that these guidelines will help us greatly in getting the containers to their destinations.

For General Shipments:

  • Ensure you fill out an ACCTS Shipping Form and attach it to one of the boxes in such a way that it can be easily removed for admin.
  • All shipments for Zambia must use the special packing boxes provided by ACCTS. This is at the request of the workers in Zambia. These boxes will be packed inside larger boxes at the warehouse in Toronto for loading in the containers.
  • Line the inside of boxes with plastic (i.e. garbage bags) to prevent dust getting into the contents.
  • Don’t overfill the boxes and keep them as light as possible by distributing heavier items over many boxes.
  • If items must be sent in a crate, the crate must show the contents and have 2″ x 4″ cross pieces on the base to raise the base 4″ to enable us get the forks of the lifter underneath them. Crates should be no longer than 92″
  • Do not send shipments by bus or Post Office – you may get them back!!
  • ACCTS will not pay collect charges to the warehouse or track shipments.
  • Shipments from Western Canada and the US should be sent 5-7 days before the first receiving date (for Toronto warehouse only)
  • Tell the Freight company or courier the dates we are open and our hours

For Shipments from the USA:

  • It is important to remember that packages sent to ACCTS in Canada from the United States are crossing an international boundary and must go through Canadian Customs.
  • ACCTS cannot perform customs clearance or pay customs fees for packages.
  • In an effort to minimize problems, we request that those sending packages or shipments from the US through Canada do the following:
    • Large shipments: First, contact an International brokerage company such as Wm De Jong Enterprises Inc. This is a Canadian company (Christian-owned) with headquarters in Ontario at Phone Number: 519.424.9007. They have a warehouse in Grand Rapids, Michigan and will be able to help you. Advise them of the shipment and follow their advice exactly. Tell the shipping company to arrange customs clearance on your behalf. There will be a charge for these services. Tell them the dates we are open and our hours.
    • Small shipments: Send UPS or FedEx. Advise the shipping company that you wish them to arrange customs clearance and that you are responsible for any charges for these services. These charges will then form part of your bill.
  • Do not send shipments by bus or Post Office – you will most likely get them back!