Operating Costs & Funding


ACCTS operates on free will offerings given by those who wish to support the shipping of goods. We do not track whether those bringing goods for shipping contribute enough funds to cover the goods. However, we do track the total contributions designated to ACCTS, and this typically falls well short of the costs MSC incurs operating the ACCTS program.

MSC does not make any appeals for funding ACCTS, but does make the costs of the operation known so that those who use ACCTS will be informed. It is expected that those who benefit from the infrastructure, facilities and procedures that ACCTS has established and maintains will share in the operating costs in a responsible way.

When shipping goods via ACCTS, please keep in mind the costs involved:

Cost to ship each box: $30

Cost per Empty Box (Markham): $3.30
Cost per Empty Box (Portage): $6.60

Cost to ship a cubic foot of goods (unboxed): $20/cu.ft.

There are additional costs for the workers to acquire their boxes from Chingola.

There are certain extraordinary situations when we may be asked to assist in shipping some items outside our usual flow of goods. MSC may encourage the beneficiaries in such circumstances to pay the costs involved.

The operating cost of ACCTS includes:

  • Warehouse Space
  • Utilities
  • Container Shipping
  • Equipment (ie. Forklifts & Pallet Trucks)
  • Packing Supplies & Consumables
  • Cardboard Cartons
  • Overland Trucking in the Receiving Country
  • Insurance
  • Customs & Duties

Any donation to help with shipping costs should be sent to MSC Canada with a note that it is for ACCTS.

An official receipt will be sent to the donor by MSC Canada at year’s end.