Shipping Form

We require that a Shipping Form accompany every shipment to the warehouse. Please do NOT fax or mail inventory forms. The original or a copy of the inventory sheet must be either taped to one of the boxes (yet must be able to be easily removed – you may want to put it in a envelope marked “Inventory Form Inside”) OR sent with the driver (for personal deliveries). One inventory form per complete shipment please, not one per box. Sorry, we cannot ship boxes for which we do not have a Shipping Form.

Please note: The Shipping Form categories are primarily for ACCTS boxes (of uniform size) coming to the warehouse. For all unboxed items and any items worth over $300, the second page (or reverse if printed double-sided) must show those items listed separately.

Download the appropriate Shipping Form PDF below:

ACCTS East Shipping Form (Markham, Ontario)

ACCTS West Shipping Form (Portage la Prairie, Manitoba)