Retired Workers Fund

MSC distributes available funds each month to elderly and retired workers who spent many years in overseas service. Most of these workers do not have a pension, and any assistance received from this fund is appreciated.

Here are some quotes from retired workers (or their loved ones) expressing their appreciation for your giving to their needs:

“I am most appreciative of your continued faithfulness in sending the stipend [from the RWF] each month. How often have I been thankful to the Lord for your interest.”

“Once again, a very warm thank you for forwarding this gift. It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord continues to minister to my needs, even in retirement.”

“My mother thanks you for the gift from the Retired Workers Fund. She recently had a week respite care in a home for which she paid herself while my wife and I were on holiday. The gift will help towards the cost.”

You can support retired (sometimes called “refocused”) workers by giving to the Retired Workers Fund.