WorkerCare Logo

WorkerCare is the MSC program designed to provide care and support to mission workers, wherever they are on the mission field. Whether it’s a long email conversation, a field visit, or a phone call – we try to meet their unique needs as they work across cultures and across oceans.

MSC is dedicated to increasing our support and engagement with the mission workers we serve. We’re here to encourage them as fellow workers who understand the unique stresses and demands of overseas service. Each of our WorkerCare reps has years of missions experience and so are available to mission workers as valuable, sympathetic resources.

So when a worker is at their wit’s end with fellow workers who do things differently, when they or their kids are struggling to cope with cultural challenges, when there’s a crisis in their family on the field or at home… WorkerCare reps are there to be a listening ear for things that are hard to share with elders, co-workers, or family, who may not fully understand a mission worker’s world.

We want to help mission workers as much as we possibly can. Although it’s not the main goal of WorkerCare, reps may also be able to help with other practical support. This would include things like assistance with resettlement and re-entry, debriefing during furloughs, travel logistics, and ongoing missions training and development.