Berea – Slovakia


The project aims to convert a worn-out, outdated building located in a desirable recreational area near Bratislava, Slovakia (originally used for a government employee retreats in the communist
Czechoslovakia) into a modern, hotel-style facility with accommodation for some 70 people in 26 rooms, apartments and suites. The facility also contains an auditorium, a conference room, kitchen and a (future) dining area and is situated in a picturesque area of the Little Carpathian mountains in south-western Slovakia.

The completed facility will serve the Brethren assemblies and like-minded evangelical churches in Eastern and Central Europe to meet their needs in the area of evangelism and Bible teaching. When fully completed, it will be a place for church groups, missionaries, families and individuals to enjoy retreats and participate in Bible and Missions conferences, evangelistic youth rallies, church leadership seminars and other events. Even during the construction phase, the Berea Centre became a meeting place for many volunteers and supporters as they contributed to the project and enjoyed some practical Christian fellowship.

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