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Hope of Bastion School (Esperanza de Bastion) was started in 1997, by a missionary couple from Ontario who recognized the need for good education in the community of Bastion, an economically struggling neighborhood in Guayaquil, Ecuador. At the time, public schools were not available and many families didn’t have the means to send their children to school. The couple started out with one kindergarten class of 20 students and each year added another grade. Now, 20 years later the school has almost 200 students from kindergarten to grade 9. The school’s mission is to provide the students with a quality education as well as guiding their hearts into a knowledge of
Jesus and a relationship with Him. Hope of Bastion was named with the hope that giving these children an education founded on Christian principles would prepare them to be productive citizens who turn away from the damaging lifestyles of the community around them.

You can learn more about Hope of Bastion at sponsorhope.ca

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Carlos & Rebecca Ortega